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Soother: Physio Soft 16-36m 2pk - Boy Soother: Physio Soft 16-36m 2pk - Boy Soother: Physio Soft 16-36m 2pk - Boy Soother: Physio Soft 16-36m 2pk - Boy

Soother: Physio Soft 16-36m 2pk - Boy

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PhysioForma is the exclusive shape that encourages the correct and harmonious development of the mouth and supports your baby's physiological breathing, which is fundamental for growth. A thin, concave shape that points upwards: leaves room for the natural position of the tongue. Lacteral curves: evenly distributes tongue pressure across the palate, allowing it to grow correctly. Special tiny ridges: mimic the natural ridges of the palate, and serve as a point of reference to guide the tongue into the correct position. Supports Correct Breathing The exclusive shape helps with physiological breathing by keeping the tongue in its natural position, it helps your baby breathe naturally, which is especially important during sleep. Mouth breathing: the tongue may relax in a retreated position Physiological breathing with PhysioForma: the tongue is positioned forward and upward to maintain a natural open airway. Provides the right stimulus for the development of the mouth and palate. Stimulates the muscles of the mouth and encourages the correct functioning of the tongue. A physiological shape made to fit your baby's mouth. Studying the size and shape of soothers of different types has shown that: The PhysioForma soother adheres perfectly to the palate and positions the tongue forward and upward resulting in the physiological opening of the respiratory tract. PhysioForma is an exclusive shape by Chicco that, by encouraging proper positioning of the tongue, benefits oral development of the mouth and supports your baby's physiological breathing. Why is physiological breathing important? It improves the quality of sleep. It reduces irritability It reduces disorders of the respiratory tract and of the oral cavity PhysioForma is already present on all Chicco soothers, including the ones you have already selected for your baby, since Chicco has known for years about the importance of the soother for the well-being of your child and for the natural development of their mouth. Soothing Is Important, Even Before Birth You may have learned that from your own early ultrasounds. Starting from the first three months of pregnancy, almost all babies begin to suck their finger. It's a natural reflex that helps them soothe themselves, providing a sense of pleasure, well-being and security by stimulating the production of serotonin, the hormone of happiness. After birth, the instinct for non nutritional suction can be supported by a soother, which responds to this innate need for soothing. It's important to meet this need with a soother whose shape matches the physiology of the mouth and the correct position of the tongue, fundamental for developing oral functions and correct breathing. Coordinate Accessories The line includes also practical accessories coupled to the pacifiers, unleash your fantasy for creating new possible combination for a new trendy and colourful look! The soft and thin base allows baby's lips to close naturally The ventilation holes allows the passage of air and reduces the collection of saliva.